Beeswax salve infused with Arnica, Juniper and Marijuana for longer-lasting pain relief of all kinds.


MJ Salve is made with organic beeswax and coconut oil, infused with Marijuana Resin, Hemp Seed Oil and Essential Oils.
The salves have a higher concentration of cannabinoids than the creams, and will have a longer-lasting effect.
The PAIN formulation will bring relief from discomfort caused by arthritis, joint pain, muscle trauma, post-surgical pain and many other conditions.
TO USE: Rub a small amount onto the affected area. If pain is not relieved within 15 minutes, apply a second time for stronger pain relief.
Ingredients: Organic beeswax, Coconut Oil, Cannabis Hemp Oil, Marijuana Resin, Arnica, Juniper.


Made with pure, water-extracted marijuana resin.

Produced by: MJ Creams